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ACT! by Sage 2012 30 day free trial

ACT! by Sage
Sage ACT pro 2012

ACT! by Sage 2012

Free 30 Day Software Trial

Download Instructions

  1. Click the ACT! 2012 trial - select SAVE at the pop-up to save the initial file to a local drive on your PC/laptop.

  2. Follow the installation wizard and select the option to view ACT! before registering and the trial mode will be active for 30 days.


30 day free trial 



Click here for a fully functional, 30 Day FREE Trial

Installing your 30 day free trial of ACT! 2012

Installing ACT! by Sage 2012 on the same computer as ACT! 2007 or higher.
You should not install the ACT! 2012 evaluation on the same PC/laptop as an existing installation of ACT! 2007 or higher, ACT! Premium for Workgroups, ACT! Professional or ACT! Professional for Workgroups.

Installing ACT! by Sage 2012 in the same computer as ACT! 6.0
Compared to ACT! v6, ACT! 2012 uses a different database engine so it is possible to install the 30 day trial on the same computer be installed though you cannot share data between the two versions. When both versions are installed, ACT! e-mail will be limited to the ACT! 2012 only; use of Outlook Address Book feature is limited to ACT! 2012 and file extensions will become those of ACT! 2012.

To avoid any complications with existing ACT! data, where possible, we would recommend installing the ACT! 2012 evaluation on a separate machine.

Before downloading the ACT! 2012 software evaluation you should ensure your computer possesses the all the requirements needed to run the application.


ACT! by Sage Add-ons

ACT! Professional has great functionality built in to it. However you can enhance it even further with ACT! Software third party add on solutions.

We appreciate that you want to get the best out of your ACT! That is why each ACT! add-on solution comes from a supplier that we know and trust. We have spent considerable time testing and evaluating to give you the best solutions in the market place today.

There are ACT! add-on solutions to help you email, report, market, customise and enter data into ACT! software in a better fast efficient manner . Add-on solutions that can help you with your marketing and sales planning.

Try Web Prospect, the automatic tool which integrates your web forms direct into ACT! A 30 day fully functional free trial is available here.

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